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Specialist employment solicitors deal with bullying compensation claims before the Employment Tribunal. They operate the no win no fee* scheme and you only pay legal charges if you win your case and receive a payment of damages. If the case is lost you pay nothing - your employment law solicitors take all the risk. You do not have to fund or finance your bullying compensation claim in advance and you will not be asked to make any advance payment. You will not be expected to make any payment as the matter proceeds. Specialist employment solicitors offer free legal advice on bullying compensation claims before the Employment Tribunal. You will be given advice on the viability of your claim, the liability of your employer and the likely amount of the settlement award, without any further obligation. Employment solicitors deal with bullying compensation claims in the Employment Tribunal using a wide variety of legislation and may take action based on unfair dismissal, constructive dismissal, racial or sexual discrimination, harassment or victimisation. To speak to an unfair dismissal compensation claim solicitor about no win no fee compensation claims just call the helpline or email our offices.

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Bullying Definition

Bullying in the workplace is extremely common and an employment solicitor can take legal action in the Employment Tribunal in most cases. Numerous surveys show that the numbers of unhappy employees is at epidemic levels with complaints of bullying from both co-workers and management for a variety of reasons including productivity but most frequently out of sheer bloody mindedness often as a result of a minor personal spat that had little if anything to do with work or the workplace environment. There is of course a proportion of bullying that has a sexual or racist element however the majority of bullying is between workers and line management with strong personalities dominating those who are perhaps a little less able to defend themselves. About 75% of bullying is management/worker based and about 25% of bullying is between workers on similar grades which may involve management collusion. When taken to task most bullies attempt to justify their behaviour by either outright denial or by forceful and erroneous rationalisation, manipulation, deception or lying. The Amicus-MSF Trade Union defined bullying as follows :-

"Persistent, offensive, abusive, intimidating or insulting behaviour, abuse of power or unfair penal sanctions which makes the recipient feel upset, threatened, humiliated or vulnerable, which undermines their self-confidence and which may cause them to suffer stress"

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Bully Tactics

Bullying is mainly persistent, unwanted and unwelcome behaviour which is not warranted and includes unjustified nit-picking and fault finding often accompanied by unfair monitoring, exclusion and isolation accompanied by loud public humiliation with unjustified written and verbal warnings, the intent often being to force a resignation. Most bullying in the workplace is defended on the basis that the victim's performance is under par when often the figures are distorted in order to support the bully's fallacious argument. Fabricated appraisals are extremely common with workers records being marked down over a period of months or even years in an attempt by a long standing charge hand, supervisor or manager to ensure that the target of their ire is eventually dismissed.


Serial Bullies

Bullies in the workplace are often serial offenders and after the last victim has been dispatched either by dismissal, redundancy or resignation, the bully most often looks for another target and the cycle of events starts again with the bully empowered by the last success. This is perhaps the most obvious way in which to identify a bully especially if co-workers warn new entrants to watch out for the bully on the basis that anyone who tangles with the bully ends up leaving. Interestingly from a legal point of view this also provides the victim with the best chance of success in a legal case because of the number of potential witnesses available who have fallen foul of the behaviour of the serial bully.

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Typical Sequence

The typical sequence of events in workplace bullying is that the serial bully identifies and selects a target often for the most ridiculous reason which is often personal and may result from a few wrong words being spoken that offended the bully. It must be said however that there are numerous reasons why a bully may pick a target the most obvious of which is if the target is very good at the job which makes the bully feel threatened. The victim is targeted over a long period of time and eventual makes a complaint to management who often support the bully because of the bully's higher status and length of service. The personnel department are hoodwinked and the target is either dismissed or disciplined which often leads to resignation and thereafter the whole process starts again. If the target takes the issue to an Employment Tribunal most firms will pay off the victim and keep the services of the bully who is seen as good for the company and a strong disciplinarian who has been wrongly targeted by the victim.